About Us



L’Arche has become one of the most innovative social movements in the world with over 153 communities in 37 countries encompassing all 5 continents.  L'Arche Stratford is one of 29 communities in Canada.


L'Arche Stratford welcomes adults with intellectual disabilities and assistants who live, work and learn with them.  In a world that often sees people with intellectual disabilities as less than whole, L'Arche celebrates their creativity, transparency and great capacity for joy as important gifts to be shared.


The key to L'Arche is relationships of mutual care and respect.  L'Arche is committed to providing a safe living and working environment for all particularly the most vulnerable.  All persons - with or without intellectual disabilities - have a right to be and feel safe in these settings, free from all forms of abuse and harassment.  L'Arche provides training on the Abuse and Complaints policies and procedures for all personnel and volunteers who have direct contact with individuals with intellectual disabilities.  L'Arche also provides an annual educational program for all individuals with intellectual disabilities on issues of abuse awareness and prevention.  The language and tools used in the educational program are geared to each person's learning style and capacity.


Every day, L'Arche looks for opportunities to create belonging.  L'Arche's innovative approaches to authentic community-building create long-term impacts.  Everyone has value.