We are seeking Campaign Cabinet Members....

Campaign Cabinet members are volunteer leaders in our community who work to make meaningful connections with individuals, corporations and others in their identified community sectors and networks. The Cabinet members will share the vision to engage others and help elevate the Be Belong Become Campaign to a new level of visibility in Stratford and the broader community.

Campaign Cabinet members will appreciate the vision of L'Arche Stratford and have a comprehensive understanding of the campaign objective and goals.


Scope and Responsibilities:

Through community networks, assist in identifying, cultivating, and connecting with potential prospects that may be able and willing to make a contribution to the campaign.
• In collaboration with the Campaign Steering Committee (CSC), establish specific goals for the designated sector.  This will include the determination of a financial target for the sector.
• Review and evaluate on-going campaign sector progress and provide any campaign strategic recommendations as deemed beneficial to the success of the campaign.
• Cabinet members are expected to understand and adhere to all standards, policies, and procedures which are currently in place, including signing a confidentiality agreement.
• Work in a collaborative, supportive fashion, and respect the roles of staff, volunteers, and community partners throughout the campaign. 
• All Campaign Cabinet members are encouraged to make an individual gift to the campaign.
• Campaign Cabinet members are encouraged to attend and participate at community events and other campaign related activities.
• To ensure effective coordination, communicate to the Campaign Administrator which individuals you are intending to approach or if you have spoken with someone as soon as possible thereafter.
• Review campaign communication in a timely manner to maintain up to date knowledge of campaign activities.
Support Provided:
• Campaign Cabinet members will be provided ongoing support by the Campaign Steering Committee, the Campaign Administrator and the Campaign Manager.

Staff and Volunteer Partners:

Ongoing collaboration with the Campaign Steering Committee, Community Leader/Executive Director, Campaign Manager and Campaign Administrator.
• Establish and maintain networking relationships with other organizations and community leaders, as applicable.

Frequency of Meetings:

Generally, most of the Campaign Cabinet member’s specific responsibilities can be accomplished in a flexible manner independent of the broader Campaign Cabinet.  When a Campaign Cabinet meeting is required, it will be at the call of the Chair of the Campaign Cabinet.



As determined by the progression of the campaign.