Role Description


L’Arche Ontario

Job Description for:  House Assistant
Responsible To:  House Leader

Position Summary:

The House Assistant is responsible to create “home” for Core Members and others living in the household. He/She works in collaboration with his/her house team to ensure and to nurture the well-being, growth and development of Core Members in the home in the various aspects of their lives in accordance with the principles, values and philosophy outlined in the Charter of L’Arche and Mission Statement of L’Arche.


Major Responsibilities:

• To develop a positive, supportive and mutual relationship with Core Members, which respects their history, choices, goals and needs, through sharing daily life together.
• In collaboration with other team members, to ensure that the physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational, recreational, health and safety needs of Core Members are met while maximizing their choices and participation in the decisions affecting their lives.

• Respond to each Core Member’s individual needs by respectfully supporting them with their personal hygiene, care, dress and eating, etc., as needed, in a manner that enhances their dignity and appropriate appearance.
When needed to administer medication as prescribed by a physician.

• Encourage and support Core Members in the skills and gifts needed to promote their personal growth and needed for them to contribute actively to their home life, L’Arche community and neighborhood. Design and implement an annual Individual Learning Plan for Core Members as directed by the House Leader.

• Accompany Core Members to personal and medical appointments and to other activities outside the home which enhance the social, recreational, educational and spiritual aspects of their lives.

• Actively share with other team members in daily housekeeping chores to ensure that the home is safe, clean, well managed and welcoming to all. This includes cleaning, shopping, cooking, driving, laundry, gardening, minor repairs, outside and vehicle maintenance, etc.

• Ensure open and effective communication and collaboration with other team members, being open to giving and receiving feedback and being willing to resolve any tensions and conflicts which may arise.

• Support and respect the schedule, priorities, routines and traditions of the home as outlined by the House Leader.

• Understand and adhere to all L’Arche community standards, policies and procedures.

• Actively support and participate in the regular ongoing activities of the home and L’Arche community, including various meetings, celebrations, etc.

• Support the House Leader in her/his role and undertake special projects as requested by the House Leader.

• Ensure in a timely and competent way the completion of all necessary documentation and reporting, including various medical forms, daily journals, files and reporting forms, etc.

• Foster of a spirit of welcome for all who come to the home and maintain ongoing links, as appropriate, with: community members, families, neighbors, volunteers, professionals, guests and visitors.

• Foster good stewardship and appropriate use of the all the resources and property of the home and L’Arche community, including vehicles, computers, telephone, utilities, budget etc.